Website Optimization Through Google Analytics


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In regards of website optimization, it can be difficult to assess how the individual elements and features are best placed. Therefore, it can often be beneficial to look at the statistics regarding use of the web pages to be able to determine the structure that gives the best result. For a shop, it’s about getting the most possible visitors to buy a product, what is known as the conversion rate. For other websites the goal is that users must find the information they are looking for quickly and easy.

We have in this project conducted a study and optimization of a website dealing with information and guides to bars in Copenhagen. The project is documented with an A/B test and a subsequent analysis. The purpose of the study is to optimize the search box on the frontpage and document any increase in the number of users who use the search function. This purpose is based on a hypothesis that use of the search box results in a greater chance that visitors will find what they are looking for.

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